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About Logical Commander Software Ltd:

Logical Commander Software Ltd. is a leading Israeli company dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for the prevention, detection, and management of internal risks and psychosocial risks. Their diverse range of technologies and solutions empowers organizations to safeguard their assets and create healthier, more productive work environments.

Their Comprehensive Solutions:

RISK-HR Solution

Unleashing Real-time Risk Detection and Prevention.

RISK-HR is a revolutionary solution that harnesses emotional voice analysis technology to detect emotions, stress levels, and cognitive factors in employees with unparalleled reliability. This breakthrough technology helps companies identify and mitigate various types of internal risks immediately.

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EmoRisk Solution

Real-time Psychosocial Risk Detection, prevention and Management

EmoRisk is the first and only system capable of locating, detecting, and monitoring psychosocial risks in real-time. This leading-edge technology offers invaluable insights into employees' daily emotions, enhancing workplace well-being, mental health, and overall productivity.

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Key Benefits:

Early Detection: Swiftly identify patterns indicative of theft, fraud, or compliance breaches, allowing proactive risk mitigation.
Timely Response: Minimize potential financial, operational, and reputational consequences associated with internal incidents.

Key Benefits:

Enhanced Workplace Well-being: Promote a healthier and more positive work environment.
Effective Risk Control: Gain the tools to detect and manage potential psychosocial risks, ensuring a more productive workforce.


Organizations seeking a smarter, faster, and simpler way to manage risks and boost their overall effectiveness should consider Logical Commander Software Ltd. Their innovative solutions are designed to empower organizations to thrive in a dynamic and ever-changing business landscape.

Experience the future of risk management with Logical Commander Software Ltd.

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