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Local Government Relations.

IBL Holding assists clients in matters ranging from planning, zoning, and economic

development issues to wage and benefit matters.

Our Team, coupled with the firm’s understanding of client goals and community needs, has proven experience in developing and facilitating long term relationships and partnerships that continue to evolve and benefit our clients.

  • We apply for grants, amendments, regulations and approvals, through our work with elected officials and the local communities through outreach efforts that ensure that all affected parties are partners in progress.  

  • We work within municipalities and State levels.

  • We assist our clients in grant writing, securing funds, developing policy issues, and legislation issues. In addition, we create opportunities for our clients to participate in discussions affecting public policy on a local and state level.

  • We build strong support in the state legislature for the funding of major projects.

  • We also monitor legislation to help its clients stay apprised of state and State regulations and programs that are important.

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